Friday, March 4, 2016

"Hogwarts A History" Cosplay Steampunk

The concept was born of my passion for historical clothing, cosplay, and Steampunk and a desire to stretch myself artistically.

The majority of my work (by popular demand) is 16th Century. Being an admitted Potterphile and lover of high Victorian Steampunk clothing, I wanted to make something fun!

Tackling the pattern draft was a challenge, but I persevered!

The Vest:

The fabric is 100% wool suiting that I found on Ebay.

I had to fuss with the collar A LOT! This was my first draft. I pinned it on wrong! LOL

After several drafts I finally ended up with one I liked. I decided after I'd already cut it out that I would like it better with a more drastic point in front, but didn't want to waste the fabric, so I redrafted the pattern but didn't redo the vest. Wool suiting is not cheap, and I couldn't justify scrapping this one simply on a whim.

The picture on the bottom left is my finished version, This particular vest is for my niece who is a Ravensclaw.
Available for purchase in my Etsy store!  Each one will be custom drafted to fit your reduced measurements wearing an authentic Victorian era corset.

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